About Us

DiscountSupplementCenter.com is a unique, daily deals website that showcases huge discounts on supplements that are short dated, discontinued, overstocked or time sensitive. Our goal with DiscountSupplementCenter.com is to cut through the clutter of traditional catalog web sites and offer consumers exclusive deals and sales events with massive discounts on some of the most popular supplements at prices you will not find anywhere else on the Web. New sales events on a limited number of products will be updated frequently at deep discounts, so it pays to check back often for new deals.

The Brands

Whether you’re a bodybuilder, athlete, fitness freak or just an average person who wants to improve their health, build their physique or lose weight, DiscountSupplementCenter.com can help you achieve your goals. Our educated and experienced staff scour some of the top manufacturers and wholesalers to bring you premium brands like MuscleTech, Optimum Nutrition, Beast Sports Nutrition and much more that are aggressively discounted at a fraction of their cost. The brands we carry are not cheap, generic products. They are the biggest, most respected and trusted names in sports nutrition.

The Deals

The beauty of DiscountSupplementCenter.com is that you can purchase these big-name supplements at a fraction of the cost. We’re not talking about sale prices, but closeout pricing. Supplements can get very expensive, but DiscountSupplementCenter.com gives you the opportunity to purchase these products without taking out a mortgage on your home.

But how can we sell these supplements so cheap and stay in business? The products sold on DiscountSupplementCenter.com generally fall into one of these discounted categories:

  • Discontinued: Supplement brands are constantly trying to find the next great thing but for every new product that’s developed, another formula is cast off, even though it may have some very useful applications.
  • Formula Change: The formulas for some of the most trusted supplements are constantly changing as manufacturers seeks ways to offer more benefit from a product with less cost. The result of this practice is that quite often, manufacturers and distributors have leftover product that is still safe and effective.
  • Overstocked: It’s generally better in resale to have too much of something as opposed to not enough. Companies often overestimate the amount of product needed, forcing them to sell off perfectly good leftovers for pennies on the dollar in order to make room for newer stock.
  • Close to/past the ‘best by’ date: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require supplements to have expiration dates because expired nutraceuticals do not go bad like food does. But manufacturers usually place ‘best by’ dates on their supplements to guarantee the label strength and because many retailers require it. But supplements that are close to or have exceeded the ‘best by’ date are totally safe and effective. Some products that have exceeded the ‘best by’ date will lose a minor amount of potency, but it’s still quite effective.
  • Limited quantity: There are times when sellers end up with small lots of product that must be flipped quickly in order to make room for large lots of new product. Instead of letting these products sit around and collect dust, we sell these limited items at deep discounts on a regular basis, which is why it pays to check our site regularly. You never know what premium product you’ll find at closeout pricing.

Because the cost of supplements are constantly increasing, DiscountSupplementCenter.com is ideal for those who want to try out a product without investing a large sum of money into it. It’s also perfect for serious bodybuilders and fitness fanatics who have to spend hundreds of dollars each month on their much-needed proteins, BCAAs, pre-workouts, and more. Since these people consistently use the same products each and every day, there isn’t much concern that the product will sit on a shelf until it passes the ‘best by’ date.

The Staff

The knowledgeable, experienced staff at DiscountSupplementCenter.com and its sister site quickshipsupplements.com are dedicated to finding premium products that are marked down at closeout pricing. Our educated and discerning product management team have extensive connections throughout the industry. We utilize those connections to acquire top-shelf products at deep discounts so we can pass those savings on to our customers.

The Service

At DiscountSupplementCenter.com, we take great pride in treating each customer like they’re our only customer. Our friendly, knowledgeable customer service agents are eager to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. Our dedicated shipping department takes great pride in processing orders quickly and accurately. All orders are shipped from our centrally-located, climate controlled warehouse 6 days a week to ensure you receive your order as soon as possible. We offer fast, discreet shipping to customers all across the globe and for those in the United States, shipping is always free.

We are committed to offering the best products at the best prices, and if you have a question or problem, our courteous customer service staff will help you resolve it with satisfaction. Buy with confidence on a secure shopping site that assures privacy and the best customer service.