Blue Star Nutraceuticals Crea-Tech Creatine 120 ct


  • Enhances Strength
  • Aids in Muscle Recovery
  • Supports the Growth of Lean Muscle Mass
  • Helps Work Against the Breakdown of Muscle

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Blue Stars Nutraceuticals sought out to reinvent creatine as we know it, with Crea-Tech. It is formulated with Creapure pH10, which is an ultra-pure creatine engineered in Germany. By supplementing creatine, you enable yourself to train more and boost your work volume each session. It also assists your muscles as they recover, allowing you to train harder with less fatigue afterward. No matter how much we train, our muscles still have a natural process of breaking down. Creatine slows this breakdown so that you can retain more of the mass you work so hard to build.

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