Buff Bake Protein Cookie Blowout Sale! (Short Dated)


  • Gluten Free
  • 16g of Protein Per Cookie
  • 300 Calories for the FULL Cookie
  • Made with All Natural Ingredients


Order 2 Boxes and Get Free Shipping!

The expiration dates on these cookies range from 9/2018 to 11/2018.

Each cookie contains 16g of protein, making it the perfect protein source for on the go! No hassling with messy protein shake mixes.

Buff Bake’s Protein Cookies taste so good you’ll forget they’re healthy! Now you can snack the way you want to, while also including more protein in your diet. This spread can be enjoyed by all, due to being gluten-free with ONLY 300 calories for the full cookie! These cookies are also made with all-natural ingredients so you won’t have to question anything going into your body. Get extra protein with protein cookies from Buff Bake.

As specified by the FDA, nutritional supplements and nutritional bars are not required to have an “”Expiration” or “Best By” date. The FDA states that the best by date on nutritional supplements only specifies the last day that a supplement will be at its highest level of potency. After this date the supplement may lose some of its potency (Usually 10% loss in potency every 2-3 months). The FDA’s website states; “nutritional supplements in general are safe to use well past the “Best By” or “Expiration” date.” If packaged properly and kept in a cool dry place the supplement can be, in many cases, safe for a year or two past the date.

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Number of Boxes

1 Box, 2 Boxes


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