MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen Fat Burner and Peak SX-7 Pre-Workout Combo

$84.98 $29.99

Peak SX-7:

  • Pushes Powerful Pumps for a Professional Physique
  • Formulated with Patented Peak ATP and Longjack Extract
  • Designed Boost Muscle Performance, Stamina and Pumps while Burning Fat
  • Increases Blood Flow, Controls Ionic Flux During Muscle Contractions and Triggers the mTOR Pathway

Hardcore Next Gen: 

  • Powerful Weight Loss
  • Helps Reduce Fatigue
  • Delivers Extreme Energy and Mental Focus
  • Researched and Scientifically Dosed Key Weight Loss Ingredient Backed by 2 Separate Studies



From the award-winning MuscleTech SX-7 line of supplements, Peak SX-7 is a powerful, stimulant-free, pre-workout pill designed to increase lean muscle while pushing you through the most intense workouts. Peak SX-7 helps you burn fat, reduce muscle fatigue and will give you rockstar pumps. Formulated with Patented Peak ATP, Peak SX-7 is formulated to spur your mTOR pathway without the dangerous side effects of stimulants that leave you toward a dreaded crash.

MuscleTech’s Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen will also help you bump up the intensity of your workouts. This formula contains Yohimbe, a thermogenic ingredient shown to help burn off that excess fat and work up a sweat. The caffeine anhydrous in the formula will give you another extra boost of energy, so you can push yourself even further during your workouts. Coleus extract is another fat burning ingredient, giving you even more support to lose that unwanted fat.


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